April 14th

Well I’m watching the Rangers right now. We’re down 8-3 in the eighth, and it doesn’t look like like we are going to come back today. Solid game last night with Millwood going six strong innings, and for the first time our bullpen was shuttled out the way it was planned in spring training. Benoit (7th inn), Aki (8th), and Gagne (9th). It went very well. It was very pleasing to see Gagne get the job done in his first outing. This bullpen looks like it’s going to carry us as far as we go this year much like in 2004. Kinsler continues his march towards an all-star bid, and Sosa is getting his timing back. He hit an opposite field home run today which was nice to see.

I am starting to get impatient with Padilla. I really liked him last year by not backing down and imposing himself on the mound. This year he’s doing the same but not getting great results. He needs to show more maturity on the mound and not challenge Big Papi with fastballs in the zone twice and hit opposing batters at an alarming rate. Eventually his teamates will get tired of his act as well. He has great stuff and he just needs to compose himself better.

The AL west is by far the worst division in the American League and the Angels have really struggled since the opening series against the Rangers. This is going to be a great race towards the playoffs with all four teams in the mix this year. Hopefully it will be our year.



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