First Post

Hello guys and gals. This is my first post of any type of blog. I have finally converted to the blogging world. If I ever was going to start it was going to be writing about sports. I feel very good about this year’s Rangers team that I have decided to keep a personal account of them this season. I have read Jamey’s posts for couple of years and I admire his dedication to serving up the best information that he provides. I am a huge baseball nerd. I love stats and I have a few fantasy teams that I religiously manage. There is nothing more that I love than the Rangers and going out to the Ballpark and watching the game. It’s like therapy to me…haha. So I will post my personal remarks of the team and their games as often as I can, and I welcome all who read to comment. Any feedback would be great. It’s kind of late so I’ll do a quick recap of tonights game against those athletic D-Rays. I really like some of their young players. They bring flare and excitement to the game that is really fun to watch. It was game 2 of a 3 game series, and I had a feeling it was going to be an offensive showdown. Warm weather finally arrived, the wind was swirling, and two inconsistent pitchers were on the mound. Lofton led off the game with what looked like a pop up and the jet stream got a hold of it for the first time this year and helped place it in our bullpen. That set the stage for 15 runs through 3 innings. Rangers 10 D-Rays 5. Wright struggled, but we knocked Seo around pretty good. We held on for a 12-9 win, and we go for the sweep tomorrow night. So bring out the brooms and then off to Seattle. Goodnight everyone.



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